Leslie Wayne


Artist statetment:
Analogues of Reality: Sight and Fantasy

As an abstract painter I have focused on condensing the expansive arena of heroic painting into a tiny format, forcing a shift between size and scale, as if the world were on a thimble. Small painting, large scale.

In the photographs, this relational shift is turned back on itself. Intimacy is now achieved by blowing up the detail of a small painting into a large format.

Shot at eye level and in cross-section, the almost microscopic view creates a foil for one's assumptions about space, material and context. These photographs document materiality (one might recognize the forms as paint, or as "art" of another medium). But plucked from their original context, the viewer is lead to question his or her associative responses, thus opening the door to fantasy. An illusion begets an illusion - placing photography and painting on a level playing field.

- Leslie Wayne, 2003

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