Claire Corey

Claire Corey is an abstract painter working within the classical tradition of high modernism. Surprisingly, her materials are the tools of digital media. Corey makes digital paintings that tread the line between craft and machine, between hand and automation. She uses technology to explore the visual and philosophical challenges of abstraction in dynamic conversation rather than curtailing that dialog within the endgame of the machine. Corey does not dwell on endless geometric pattern as commentary on the painting's mechanized source. Her subject is not appropriated imagery, since Corey's sources derive from the computer. Drawing upon the computer's error patterns, she builds shifting patterns in vertiginous relationships that constantly interrupt a viewer's logical expectations. Neither programmatic nor exact, Corey's work celebrates unpredictability. It is this idea that has helped the work evolve its singular voice in both the current painting and digital art scenes.

Corey, who studied art in her native California, began painting in the computer as early as 1995, after moving to New York. Following her participation in the Marie Walsh Sharpe Art Foundation Space Program, Corey was awarded the 2001 Trustee's Award for an Emerging Artist by The Aldrich Museum of Contemporary Art in Ridgefield, Connecticut. She has exhibited widely both nationally and internationally. This is Corey's first exhibition in the Southeast.
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